“We’ve Struggled”: Chiefs’ Star Travis Kelce Reveals Emotions Behind Teammate’s $31 Million ‘Betrayal’



Orlando Brown Jr. became a massive commodity after coming off of a stellar season. With a Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles, the LT became a hot pick for grabs in free agency. The KC Chiefs‘ biggest rival sought the moment to clutch and brought Brown Jr. to Cin City, Ohio. Understandably, KC star Travis Kelce seems hurt after the move.

Jason and Travis Kelce sat for an episode for the New Heights Podcast where they spoke about Orlando Brown Jr. The left tackle bagged a four-year deal worth $64 Million with $31 Million in guarantees, per CBS Sports. The Chiefs’ star TE seemed unhappy with the move and said that it is sad to see close friends go far away.

Travis Kelce is having a hard time

While expressing his thoughts, Travis Kelce mentioned, “It’s like watching your best friend just turn evil on you. Obviously the past, like, two years we’ve struggled beating the Bengals, so there’s been a lot of build-up in emotion of like, I wouldn’t say ‘hate’ but dislike towards the Bengals because they keep beating us and they keep talking about it every time they do. To see him go to the dark side, it’s an awkward feeling.”


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The Kelce brothers also quipped about Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval vouching for the Orlando Brown deal to take place. Let’s not forget that the TE had some tough words for the Mayor when the Chiefs won the AFC Championship game.  It seems like a fair reason for Travis Kelce to be upset since it looks like a mega betrayal. But the TE is happy for his former teammate and wishes him a Hall of Fame-worthy career. did the Brown Jr. signing provoke a Bengals athlete to move out?

Orlando Brown Jr. blindsided LT Jonah Williams?

The arrival of Orlando Brown Jr. in Cincinnati makes it two for the Bengals. The franchise already has Jonah Williams in the position, who is the longest-tenured franchise member. With the franchise bringing a new athlete at LT, Williams sought a trade request from the team, per Ian Rapoport.

One reason for seeking the trade could be that the franchise kept him in the dark. The athlete made the request days after the former Chiefs athlete agreed to terms with the Bengals. The franchise has a spot on the right tackle, and Jonah Williams could change his position. But he might face competition for it.  Will the Bengals keep their longest-tenured athlete? Or will they allow him to move on with a trade? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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