Nick Sirianni Breaks Silence As Jalen Hurts ’95 Percent’ Remarks On Eagles Offense Hit Headlines

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The Philly Eagles got a wake-up call when they fell from the stature of Super Bowl contenders in the 2022 season to not even making it past the Wild Card round in 2023. With such a big fall, the Eagles have decided to make changes to their offensive strategy.

Nick Sirianni, along with Kellen Moore have made changes to the offense that have flummoxed even Jalen Hurts into changing his ways. In fact, the QB even made a viral statement that spoke about how he has been coping with the changes. Subsequently, the Eagle’s head coach, Nick Sirianni, saw it fit to address the same statement in a public press conference.

While speaking to the press, Sirianni admitted that the coaching staff was tinkering with existing plays to figure out better patterns as a team trying to perform better this season. Moreover, he also mentioned that these changes might seem new but it’s ultimately a matter of perspective.

“I think some of it is [new] you know. There’s new concepts obviously, and there’s new ways to think about a play. But then within older concepts of what we’ve done in the past, he might have a new responsibility within that play right and so that’s new to him.”  Well, in all fairness, the changes are needed for the Eagles, and Srianni even lauded Hurts for doing an excellent job at adjusting to these modifications.

Coming off of the 2022 Super Bowl finals, everyone expected the Eagles to at least make it to the NFC Championship Game. However, their dreams for the promised land ended when they lost to Tampa Bay in the Wild Card round with a crushing defeat of 32-9.  With such an abysmal end, the Eagles needed to bounce back creatively, and it seems like the new offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, has been working towards that very goal.

New adjustments for Jalen Hurts with Kellen Moore

With Kellen Moore coming in fresh for the upcoming season, this offseason has been about learning for Jalen Hurts. The kind of offensive schemes Moore brought in is completely different from what Hurts is used to. His current offseason has been a stellar example of learning new tricks as a pro.

Per NBC Sports, Hurts even said, “This whole offseason has been about learning. You get to a point where you feel comfortable with this, but that time comes when you can rep it, rep it, rep it later on, but right now it’s been a lot of new inventory — the majority of it, probably 95 percent of it being new, it’s just been that process.”

Well, Hurts does have the maturity to set aside his previous learnings and take up this challenging task. Even at his level of excellence, the QB has been taking the initiative in making this a fun learning experience and getting himself ready for a different training camp experience altogether.  With the way their season progressed last season, the Eagles are in dire need to change their strategy. Although they do seem to be on a more positive track, only the first few games of the upcoming season will reveal their actual chances of having a better season ahead.


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