As Taylor Swift Mesmerizes Cincinnati, Former Patrick Mahomes Protector Comes Out as a Swiftie

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The NFL world has got one more Swiftie after legendary Aaron Rodgers! Who would have thought that an NFL Powerhouse and the former protector of Patrick Mahomes could be caught listening to the hits of Taylor Swift? The revelation made by Orlando Brown Jr. recently has taken the sports and music world by storm.

Can you imagine Brown listening to Taylor Swift’s chart-topping hits in his car? The fans are eager to understand the connection between the rugged player and the Grammy-winning pop sensation.

The unlikely connection between Orlando Brown Jr. and Taylor Swift

Amidst a mesmerizing sunset, Taylor Swift delivered an unforgettable performance that rocked Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati on Friday night. A crowd of over 65,000 fans was packed inside the stadium and hundreds were gathered outside. And Orlando Brown Jr., the newest left tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals, must have surely longed to be in the midst of the electrifying performance.

Recently, in a candid video shared on the Bengal’s official Instagram account, the team gave a glimpse into a conversation between Orlando Brown Jr. and one of his fellow players. The fellow player was seen teasing Brown with a rumor, asking him if it was true that he is a big Taylor Swift fan.


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With a mischievous smile, Brown replied, “I do f*** with T-Swift man. T-Swift makes good music. How could you not?”  In the brief exchange, Brown’s genuine appreciation for Swift’s talent and the undeniable appeal of her music shone through.

His response reflected the sentiment shared by millions of fans worldwide who have been captivated by Swift’s infectious melodies and relatable lyrics.  But there is another player who is fascinated by Swift just like Brown, and his name is Aaron Rodgers, a figure who is widely recognized and celebrated in the world of the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers’ secret Swiftie side

Aaron Rodgers, the talented quarterback of the New York Jets, has revealed his secret Swiftie side as well. He has come forward as a devotee of pop star Taylor Swift. Rodgers, who recently joined the Jets after a trade from the Green Bay Packers, unveiled his favorite songs in a video posted on the team’s official Twitter account.

When asked about his favorite song, the 39-year-old quarterback replied, “Too many. Too many to count,”. But he couldn’t stop himself. With a brief pause and a smile, he revealed his favorite song-“Anything Off of ‘Folklore’ probably. ‘August,’ ‘The 1.” Later, he surprised everyone with an older pick, ‘New Year’s Day’.

While football players are commonly associated with toughness and grit, Brown’s and Aaron’s admiration for Swift showcases a side of them that has rarely been seen before. As the NFL season approaches, fans are wondering if fellow Swifties’ connection to music will translate into their performance on the field.


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