Brittany Mahomes found guilty of epic prank on friends



Brittany Mahomes is not just a dedicated mom and loving wife to Patrick Mahomes; she’s also an extraordinary friend who knows how to keep secrets and have a blast.

Her talent for secret-keeping is matched only by her knack for planning epic pranks. Teaming up with her close friend Brennan McDaniel, Brittany finds pure delight in concocting elaborate surprises. Their latest target? Mallory McDaniel, Brennan’s wife and one of Brittany’s dearest friends. Mallory had no idea what was in store for her as Brittany and Brennan meticulously plotted their prank. The result was an unforgettable moment, filled with laughter.

Amidst a backdrop of giggles, Brittany recorded every moment as she and her partner-in-crime, Brennan McDaniel, devised a brilliant plan. Their mission: to find and catch a frog. While some might consider placing a frog in someone’s hair a bit extreme, it was Mallory McDaniel’s priceless reaction that took the prank to legendary status, leaving everyone laughing uncontrollably.

Brittany, wife of Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, assured everyone that no frogs were harmed in the making of this joke. When she posted the video on Instagram, fans got a glimpse of a playful and mischievous side of Brittany that delighted many.

For friends of Brittany, this prank serves as a hilarious reminder to stay on their toes-there might just be a surprise visit from a tiny amphibian in their future!  Brittany Mahomes has shown she can balance being a loving wife and mother with being the life of the party, making every moment memorable and fun for everyone, even her 1.9 million followers.


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