“It’s Tough”: Patrick Mahomes Confesses Bitter Feeling for Losing His Biggest Strength to Rival Team

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In a twist nobody saw coming, the KC Chiefs decided to let go of Orlando Brown Jr. And this unexpected move has had a ripple effect on Patrick Mahomes. With Brown now on the Bengals, it also sparks a fiery competition between them on the football field. However, it seems the Chiefs QB is not happy to see his teammate in their rival team.

He admits his thoughts at a recent press conference.  By bolstering their offensive line with Brown’s addition, the Cinci Bengals aim to enhance Joe Burrow’s safety on the field. What makes this signing even more special is Brown’s father’s connection to Cincinnati.

Mahomes opens up about friendship and rivalry with Orlando Brown Jr.

Reports confirmed that the Chiefs made the decision to part ways with Orlando Brown Jr. This is, allegedly, because Orlando expressed a desire to play at his preferred position of left tackle. During the previous season, following his trade from the Ravens, Brown showcased his skills as a left tackle while playing for the Chiefs. However, Mahomes feels marooned after Orlando signing with the Bengals.

“yeah, I know, it’s tough. I mean, I still talk to Orlando, we had a friendship off the field just as much as on the field. You understand how great of a player he is.” -Patrick Mahomes at the press conference. “He makes Cincinnati, even better football team so that stinks for us but at the same time I’m happy for him that he got to a good place where he was able to get a good contract that he deserved and everything like that,” Mahomes said.

Patrick added, “We’ll still have that friendship, but he’s a competitor like me, so we’re going to be wanting to be able to brag about who wins that football game.”   Orlando Brown Jr. decided to move from the Chiefs due to his desire for a long-term contract and Brown had a strong inclination to play in his preferred position of left tackle, but the Chiefs had already secured Joe Thuney for that role.

The Bengals secured Brown Jr. to safeguard Joe Burrow

The Bengals made a significant move by signing Brown to a four-year contract worth $64 million. The motivation behind this signing stems from the team’s desire to safeguard their young quarterback, Joe Burrow. Burrow endured a season-ending knee injury in 2022, primarily due to an unstable offensive line. By bringing in Brown, the Bengals aim to bolster their protection for Burrow and enhance his safety on the field.

Furthermore, Brown shares a special connection with Cincinnati, as his father, Orlando Brown Sr., previously played for the Bengals back in 1999. This familial tie adds an extra layer of significance to Brown’s decision to join the team.


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