“Fake” Patrick Mahomes Prank Gets a Whole Mall Chasing After Doppelgänger and No One Had a Clue

pm Doppelgänger


In the year 2024, there’s no denying that Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes is the NFL’s poster boy and possibly its best player. Everything he touches turns to gold. From kids to adults, everyone tries to emulate him and some apparently have even gone on to imitate him. Because of his widespread popularity among football fans, it comes as no surprise that a doppelgänger of the NFL star, who went above and beyond to be one, caused quite a ruckus in the biggest mall in Nebraska and then in Kansas City.

A YouTuber by the name of VicInTheGame set up an elaborate prank by collaborating with Patrick Mahomes’ lookalike, who already has a TikTok account of his own, often posting videos mimicking the two-time MVP and even his muffled voice. The plan was to parade faux Mahomes around the two malls and test whether people would genuinely believe that it was him.

To foolproof the prank, they gave him a meticulous makeover, replicating Mahomes’ walking style and his posture, and even hired two fake bodyguards. And to anyone’s astonishment, the ruse worked seamlessly. As soon as “Patrick Mahomes” stepped out of the car in Omaha, a large formed around him, eager to take photos and shake hands.

The prank didn’t end there, as they decided to drive down to Kansas City to see if the same thing would work in the area where it would be sinful to not recognize the three-time Super Bowl champ, given that he is literally the most famous person in the area. In Kansas, they went the extra mile by hiring a bodyguard who had previously served as security for the real Patrick Mahomes, Brittany, Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, and others.

Considering the potential for errors in an area where Mahomes is practically a living legend, they even gave the imposter a tan to match Mahomes’ complexion. The results were astonishingly similar to that of the Omaha experiment. Aside from a solitary fan who recognized the YouTuber outside the mall — people were left startled and shocked to see Mahomes seemingly casually strolling among them. The crowd immediately surrounded “Patrick Mahomes“ — asking for pictures and causing a considerable commotion.

Even a few-minute appearance triggered a significant response and they had to leave in haste to avoid further chaos. It’s also worth mentioning how they even managed to fool the mall security.

Security Guard Also Gets Fooled By Fake Patrick Mahomes

The best part of the entire prank was successfully duping the mall security, who approached the fake Mahomes on multiple occasions, enthusiastically requesting pictures. During the initial encounter, two female mall security personnel asked for a photo and ended up taking a selfie with him. They expressed genuine appreciation and delight at the unexpected opportunity.

However, one of the security personnel felt the urge for another photo, this time wanting to pose in a slightly different manner. She enlisted her friend to capture the moment. When someone inquired whether the security personnel had taken the picture, she proudly showcased the snapshot.

In response to the Chiefs QB casually being present without an elaborate security presence, she confidently asserted that the previous year, rapper Justin Bieber had pulled off a similar stunt. Therefore, she harbored no doubt that the person before her was Mahomes himself and not an imitator.All in all, it’s safe to say that the timing and execution of the prank were too high a level for common people to catch them. Fans likely found themselves feeling somewhat foolish when the YouTuber posted the video of the prank, revealing the extent to which they were deceived.

It will be exciting to see how the real Mahomes reacts to the prank if he ever gets the chance. He might feel somewhat aggrieved by the fact that even individuals in Kansas, where he is an icon, fell for the ruse. It seems like he may have to increase his public appearances to mitigate such occurrences in the future.


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