Patrick Mahomes Mom Randi Gears Up For 27 YO Son’s Prime Time Showdown While Jackson Mahomes Goes ‘Missing’

pat and mom


Patrick Mahomes is almost ready to take part in his much-awaited showdown. After winning against the Jalen Huts-led Eagles for the Super Bowl, one would’ve thought that Mahomes’ showdowns are done. However, he and his faithful teammate, Travis Kelce are all geared up to take on a duo as iconic as them. Moreover, on the eve of the latest edition of the Match, even Mahomes’ mother, Randi Mahomes is ready to showcase her support for her older son.

The showdown that everyone is so excited about is the first edition of the match that involves the Chiefs duo playing against the Splash Brothers. In fact, this is the first edition of the Match that signifies an NFL vs NBA showdown.

Randi Mahomes displays soccer mom behavior for Patrick Mahomes

Randi has been there for all the biggest moments of her QB son’s life. She was there for both of his Super Bowl wins. She was present when he was getting married, and now she has made her appearance for another huge moment in his life. Randi took to her Instagram story to share her presence at the Match before it began. She even went on to repost the story with her picture with a pro-golfer, Kasia Kay.

It seems like Randi went all out to showcase her support for Mahomes. Interestingly, another of Mahomes’ supporters was missing from the scene. His brother, Jackson Mahomes, who would usually go all out with his support for his older brother was missing.

Jackson Mahomes’ missing status

It has been quite some time since Jackson has been seen amongst the masses. Before his appalling charges involving battery and misdemeanor, Jackson had a long list of cringe controversies. However, the biggest nail in the coffin was the most recent charges that even landed him in jail. Jackson has been facing some serious charges for his alleged misbehavior.

The younger Mahomes had been accused of forcing himself on the 40-year-old female owner. He was even booked and sent to jail for these actions. Jackson was eventually bailed out of jail. However, since then, the TikTok star seems to be laying low. Surprisingly, he didn’t even show up to showcase his support for the QB’s showdown against the NBA stars.

jackson and pat

All in all, Mahomes’ recent golf match was filled with a lot of questions as well as a lot of support from his mother. However, the question on everyone’s mind is who will emerge victorious in the epic showdown.


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