Patrick Mahomes shares what made him ‘most nervous I’ve ever been in a sporting event’

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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is a 10-year NFL vet, but he soon may lean on the experience of teammate Patrick Mahomes, who has been in the league since 2017.  Mahomes has a greater understanding of what to expect Thursday when he and Kelce take on Golden State Warriors stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in “The Match.”

It’s a 12-hole scramble format, and Mahomes knows it well because he teamed with Bills quarterback Josh Allen for last year’s “The Match.” They were defeated by Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.  Mahomes, who was calm under pressure while engineering fourth-quarter comebacks in two Super Bowls, admitted he was tense at last year’s event.

“I will say the first tee box last year— I tried to tell Travis this — was the most nervous I’ve ever been in a sporting event,” Mahomes said Tuesday in a conference call. “I mean, those fans are lining that fairway and I’m like, ‘Y’all just don’t know.’ I mean, I hit a lot of fairways, but sometimes those things get a little loose, so I tried to tell them to backup as much as possible.

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“Luckily, Josh was the one that was taking out everybody last year. I’m gonna try to stay away from the people as much as I can.”  Mahomes smiled as he zinged Allen about his troubles a year ago. The Chiefs teammates were in a relaxed and playful mood as they discussed the made-for-TV event at the Wynn Golf Course in Las Vegas. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and airs on TNT.

It’s rare these days for the Chiefs not to be the betting favorite, but Kelce and Mahomes are heavy underdogs heading into Thursday.  Not that they’re buying what the Vegas oddsmakers say.  “I don’t think we’re underdogs on this at all,” Kelce said. “I don’t know about Steph and Klay, but me and Pat have never lost in Vegas, and that’s not a shot at the Raiders at all, man, because we’ve won Pro Bowls, we won golf tournaments.

“I’m not sure if the Wynn wants to see us on the roulette table or the craps table as much as they want to see us on the golf course. You know, we just like to have fun and Vegas has been real good to us.”  Mahomes was asked about being teammates with Kelce on the golf course as opposed to a football field, where things move much faster.

“We play in Tahoe every year in the same group (at the American Century Championship), and obviously we play all year long, so I have a good feel for his game,” Mahomes said. “So I think we’ll be able to kind of know when to go for it, when to kind of hit one in the fairway and let each other kind of be the best that we are at the game.

“But as far as the pace of play, it’s perfect for Travis because that’s how he usually plays anyways. So he likes to take his time. For me, I’m going to kind of keep my mind busy. Maybe get a few Coors Lights to kind of calm me down.”  Again, another grin from Mahomes as he poked fun at Kelce.

Kelce said Mahomes was a more consistent golfer and said a good sign for the Chiefs teammates could come on the green.  “When the putter is hot for one-five, baby, it’s gonna be a great day,” Kelce said. “So we’re gonna try and get that thing rolling nice out there in Vegas.

“But our games kind of complement each other when we’re playing in a scramble type atmosphere like this. I think as long as we can keep one of us in the fairway, man, we both have got some power with the driver to be able to hit that thing 330-plus. So that’s definitely an advantage we’re going to try and take going into the match.”

Mahomes chimed in: “I’m more of a 315-type of guy. Travis, when he hits it straight, is for sure 330.”  Whether they win or lose Thursday, it seems clear that Mahomes and Kelce are going to have a lot of fun.


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