NFL Fans Are Very Jealous Of Patrick Mahomes’ New House

britt husfi


It’s good to be Patrick Mahomes.  The legendary Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is coming off his second Super Bowl win. The future Hall of Fame quarterback is enjoying life off the field, too.  A photo of Patrick Mahomes’ massive new house is going viral on social media.


It’s pretty stunning.  NFL fans are very jealous.

“Bro lives on a college campus,” one fan wrote.

“Half a billion dollar contract will do it,” another fan added.

“Not having a par 5 is going to kill the resale value,” one fan added.

“What is Mahomes gonna do with a 30 yard field? Dude throws 70 off his back foot,” another fan wrote.  The 2023 NFL regular season will be here soon, though Mahomes and his family can enjoy the summer until then.


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