“Funny How Travis Said He’s Underpaid…”: Travis Kelce Joins $70,000,000 Patrick Mahomes in ‘Sidestepping’ NFL Rules

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The NFL is notorious for handing out some of the biggest contracts in sporting history. But Travis Kelce seems to have missed the memo as he continues to be one of the allegedly underpaid players in the league. But his latest partnership might have just changed his fortunes to some extent.  After Patrick Mahomes joined hands with $14 billion Beer Magnate, Coors Light last month. The Chiefs TE might have joined his buddy in sidestepping the rules laid down by the NFL. Kelce appeared in the latest beer commercial despite the backlash the Co. received.

Travis Kelce sits down with Bud light

The Kansas City Chiefs captain in the Super Bowl earlier this year has joined Bud light in one of the latest developments. His affiliation will earn him quite the buck for stepping up when many are thinking twice about the decision. Kelce has partnered with the beer company and was a part of the latest ad that has been released.


In the ad, Kelce, nor any of his fellow compatriots say a word, but just try to sit and relax. With not a sip drunk throughout the ad, it will not incur the wrath of the NFL, but it cannot be said with 100% certainty. Only the NFL can comment on the rules made by them. Even so, Kelce’s partnership saw the TE stand up for Bud Light despite many boycotting the brand, and trying to boycott the NFL star off of his collaboration.

Kelce’s stance may be considered bold by many, to make ties with a controversial corporation. But he seemingly has not hesitated or backed out of the deal irrespective of the perspectives perceived of him. Some fans have shared their thoughts about the TE in a humorous manner taking aim at Bud Light, instead of Kelce.

Fans tear into the beer conglomerate

The individuals in the comments section of the ad posted by Bud Light did not hold back. While many were blunt with their words. Some went ahead and roasted the ad itself.

travis #87

One fan complimented Kelce for getting that bag, “Funny how Travis said he’s underpaid then does a bud lite commercial hahahahaha get that bag.” While another pointed out the potential NFL policy and added, “Based on NFL policy, he can’t touch or drink alcoholic beverages. Still is funny that no one took a sip.”  In the meantime, someone roasted the beer company by commenting, “I’ll rather be sober than drink that beer.” And another fan chimed in with, “I laughed so hard at this commercial I nearly spilled my Modelo”


Two individuals aimed at the direction of the ad. One of them commented, “Funny how they portray men as grunting buffoons. I’m surprised they didn’t make them have a farting contest too.” While the other added, “So now Bud Light thinks that only moaning groaning Neanderthals drink their beer…”  Travis Kelce’s motivation to align himself with Bud Light may or may not have been based on monetary reasons. But he has gone ahead and joined Patrick Mahomes as another NFL star collaborating with a beer conglomerate.


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