Brittany Authority in Sheer Dilemma As 50 Celebrities Including Husband Patrick Mahomes Sail Past Ex-Soccer Star

brit & husFI


Living in the public eye the NFL star Patrick Mahomes‘s family also hog their fair share of spotlight. His partner Brittany Mahomes has got a whole lot of eyes on her. The ex-soccer star is an active presence on social media and boasts over 1 Million followers on Instagram, she often offers glimpses into her life that pique the interest of many.

However, the attention has also run her into trouble. Recently, she drew the wrath of PETA, the animal rights organization over her pictures on Instagram, where she was seen snuggling with a dolphin.  Brittany constantly makes waves, for good or worse. However, it turns out that she is not the one who tops the charts when it comes to snagging fascination.

Brittany did not make the cut

Brittany might be dejected to learn that she did not in fact dominate the search game. According to the findings by Glimpse, the Chrome extension, by filtering through 25+ billion keywords, Brittany Mahomes did not make the cut for the list of 50 most searched people on Google for the past 3 years. The list shows Lionel Messi, Taylor Swift, and Ronaldo at the leading spots while the reigning Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes at the 132nd position.


While Brittany might not be the most sought after, that could be something she can take solace in as the ex-soccer player already had her fair share from the internet.

Always in crosshairs

“I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week”, Brittany once tweeted after being battered by fans over her celebratory gesture of splashing champagne on spectators following the Chiefs‘ victory in a playoff match.  There are too many to count. With the PETA run-in with the latest under her belt, it’s just a matter of time before another post or tweet gets her in the hot water.


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