“Working Smarter, Not Harder” – AJ Brown Used An Electric Bike During Philadelphia Eagles’ 10K Charity Bike Ride

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This past weekend, Philadelphia Eagles star wideout AJ Brown made the executive decision to save his legs for the upcoming NFL season… which starts over three months from now.  During the Philadelphia Eagles’ annual “Eagles Autism Challenge,” a 10-mile charity bike ride that Philly players normally participate in, Brown decided to work smarter, not harder. Those are his own words.

A local news station interviewed the world class athlete as he sat atop his nifty white bicycle fitted with gear shifts, anti-lock brakes, an extra-padded seat, and… a built-in motor. Yes, that’s right. AJ Brown, one of the greatest athletes in the world, used an electric bike during the charity ride.

The NFL wide receiver explained himself in the interview, saying:  “I’m feeling real calm, real collected. As you can see, I brought my electric bike so I’m working smarter, not harder. I’m in great shape, but this is my off day. I’m here to support and put a smile on people’s faces… not work too hard.”

So how do we feel about that? Do we agree with AJ Brown on this one, or is using an electric bike during a charity ride a really bad look?  All I can really confirm is that professional athletes are not unlike as regular people. Ride 10 miles on an uncomfortable bike seat? And pedal the whole time I’m out there? Yeah, sign me up for the electric bike as well. Brown might be onto something with this idea.

Though it does bring up the fine line between “working smarter, not harder” and “cheating.” Or at the very least “corner cutting.” If other Eagles players were out there and they actually rode their bikes the whole time, this electric bike stunt isn’t a great look.  And to be honest with you, putting a bunch of NFL players (worth millions of dollars) on bicycles and having them ride around the city might not be all-that-smart at the idea’s very foundation. That was showcased when AJ Brown almost got hit by a car as he was live-streaming the race on his Instagram:


Maybe the best alternative after all is to “work smarter, not harder,” like AJ Brown said. Working the “smartest” would be not having players ride at all, ensuring that all of your star players make it to the beginning of the NFL season in one piece.


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