Brittany shows how Patrick Mahomes suffered alone for his other passion


Patrick Mahomes’ unwavering support for the Dallas Mavericks is no secret and his wife Brittany Mahomes recently highlighted this further through a social media post. As the Dallas Mavericks triumphed over the Minnesota Timberwolves with a 108-105 victory, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s prediction was proven wrong.  Before the game, Mahomes had predicted a Game 1 stumble against the Timberwolves.

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“We’ll lose tonight for sure…but when I come back after Memorial Day, the Mavs will be up 2-1,” he told the First Things First show.  Despite his inaccurate prediction, Brittany Mahomes revealed her husband’s excitement for his favorite basketball team by capturing the moment.

She took to her official Instagram account to share glimpses of her husband’s fervor for the team. Brittany posted a snap featuring Mahomes watching the Mavericks’ playoff game in their home theater, looking thoroughly engaged as he watched the match close to the TV screen.  “He is locked in,” she captioned the photo.

Then, she continued to share Patrick’s enthusiastic moments during the match. In another story, she showed Patrick pointing at a player on the TV screen.
Hailing Dallas’ stars  In the past, Mahomes expressed his admiration for the team’s players. He revealed that Luka Doncic has made a significant impact on him with his spectacular performances.

After Doncic’s 39-point masterclass against the Hornets, Mahomes praised him on his X handle, calling him “MVP.”  Alongside Doncic, he also commended Kyrie Irving’s performance, sharing his insights on the player. Mahomes believes that if both Doncic and Irving play to their full potential, the Mavericks have as strong a shot as anyone to win it all.


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