Tom Brady issues Jalen Hurts a warning on dangerous Tush Push play with the Eagles

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A querterback’s career can go in only one of two ways, just as Tom Brady fears. There are QBs who either do sneak plays and get hit all the time or those who take better care of their bodies and take full advantage of their defensive line. Feeling protected at all times with the ball in their hands is the main difference between a quarterback with a long career and one who has to retire early due to injuries.

Find out what Tom Brady said to Jalen Hurts about the Tush Push

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A particular play known dubbed the Tush Push for the Eagles is a sneak play where the quarterback himself goes straight into the scrimmage line to get a yard or two that is worth either a first down or a touch down. Jalen Hurts has been using this play for a while and winning games for the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the charge forward is alongside the entire defensive line, quarterbacks tend to get plenty of shots at that moment. Risking serious injuries in the process.

Tom Brady’s warning to Jalen Hurts

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Even though Jalen Hurts is a young quarterback with an impressive physique, Tom Brady knows what it’s like getting shots all the time. He has a different way to approach victories and he wants Jalen Hurts to hear him out. Despite having an impressive 92% success rate with the Tush Push, Jalen Hurts is still taking a massive risk that could result in a serious injury that would set the Eagles back in the season. Hurts is not a fan of that nickname for this play but it still works with that impressive success rate. He may still be young and able to push through a multitude of people but Tom Brady is looking into the long run as he thinks Hurts may want to keep playing for many more years. The retired QB spoke about this dangerous play during the ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast.

Brady said: “The only thing I worry about in that particular play is they all know what’s coming when you line up in formation and that quarterback is going to take a lot of shots. I don’t know how many times you want your quarterback taking shots. So yeah, it’s effective for a one-yard gain but it might be ineffective someday when someone hits a right shoulder of the quarterback because they know it’s coming. So you may have some short-term gain, you may have some long-term painoso they might have to come up with a tush toss or a tush push or some variation of the tush push to keep people honest because if they keep lining up and your teammate’s your quarterback, and even though Jalen is a pretty strong guy, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way.”


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