“You Know How Much I Love You”: After Burdening Angel Reese, Shaquille O’Neal Seals Massive LSU Feat With a Secret Chant

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Women’s basketball has yet to achieve the stardom it deserves. But collegiate basketball players like Angel Reese have carved out a devotion that defies comprehension. She has built her fandom with celebrity fans such as Shaquille O’Neal. And he never hesitated to express his outspoken support for Angel Reese. As an LSU graduate himself, he praised her for the performance she had and issued bold claims about her athlete status.


The 2024 NCAA season will be worth the wait because Reese is eager for another championship, and Caitlin Clark is out to avenge the trophy she missed last year. The battle between two of the most promising WNBA draft prospects will be the most anticipated event this season, adding to the excitement. Shaq is just as enthusiastic as Reese to see the opening match of the new NCAA season.

It enthralled Angel Reese, kick-starting the new season

Reese’s enthusiastic proclamation on her Instagram page that T-Mobile Arena will be crammed with basketball fans on November 6th woke us up. TNT Hall of Famers will be broadcasting the inaugural NCAA match, which will pit Louisiana State University against Colorado University.

She also shared a video confirming her upcoming match. As we could feel enormous excitement for Reese’s return to basketball after a long and hectic off-season, “Our very first game will be in Vegas with Colorado.”

Reese was ecstatic, and the most unexpected part was Shaq, who appeared in the second half of the video.


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It overjoyed Shaq that LSU meets Colorado in the TNT Hall of Famers series. Shaq sent Reese a sweet message, saying, “You know how much I love you; you know how much I value you; congratulations on all your success; go to LSU.”

It is clear that Shaq is excited about the game between LSU and Colorado. And his affection for Reese is endearing. She posted the video on her Instagram story and mentioned Shaq, “@shaq CONFIRMED.”

The beautiful relationship between Uncle Shaq and Reese

Shaquille O’Neal and Angel Reese have always had a cute relationship on social media. Shaq has never been afraid to give her a shout-out when she is in need. Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark had a historic trash-talking rivalry last year, and they even chastised Reese for imitating John Cena’s trademark gesture. People on Twitter were crying about Reese’s reputation, and Shaq got in and urged his voice in support of her.

Shaq also gave her a heavy burden of reputation to keep when he mentioned her as ‘one of the greatest athletes from the LSU Tigers’. However, Reese retaliated to Shaq, as it was a heavy thing to comply with. Shaq has rendered a beautiful video in support of her for her upcoming match. And it is the hands of Reese to keep up the words of her, ‘Dear Uncle Shaq.’


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