Tom Brady heaps praise on Patrick Mahomes

patrick mahomes and tom brady


NFL fans have been left wondering who the natural successor is to Tom Brady in the NFL and there is no one better to name them than Brady himself.  Having run the sport with the New England Patriots and then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for so many years, Brady’s retirement leaves a gaping hole in the sport.


He is clearly still paying close attention to proceedings because, on the latest edition of the ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast, Brady was asked if there is a current quarterback who can come close to having the sort of career that he had.
Mahomes gets Brady’s vote

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If you asked almost any NFL fan the same question, they would say Patrick Mahomes with the Kansas City Chiefs. All the attention may be on Travis Kelce and his romance with Taylor Swift right now, but Mahomes is the star of that team.  Brady is in agreement with the public discourse, and he chose Mahomes too.

“Good question. I mean, I think when I’m looking at guys in pro football, Patrick [Mahomes is] the one that really stands out,” Brady said. “They’ve done a great job since he’s really taken over. And he’s got a really great coach – like I was fortunate, like you were fortunate – that helps you and… gives you the humble pie when things are going good and knows how to pick you up when things aren’t good.”


Despite that, he is not convinced a career as long as his will be had again.  “Not every game [was] perfect, but every game was pretty good. And most of the times I never put my team in a position to lose. There’s very few guys like that I’m watching over and over and over. And I think unfortunately the way the games going, guys are running the ball a lot more, it just makes for a shorter career.”


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