Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce enjoy intimate date at Argentinian restaurant

traswift hhands


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce had a romantic dinner at the Argentine steakhouse Piropos in Kansas City.  They arrived in Travis’s Rolls Royce and had the restaurant stay open late to accommodate them. During their two-hour dinner, they had the restaurant to themselves and were seen walking hand-in-hand to the car when Travis showed chivalry by placing his hand on Taylor’s back and ensuring she safely got into the car.

The choice of an Argentinian meal could suggest that Taylor is preparing for her upcoming international tour, which includes a stop in Buenos Aires.  The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including empanadas, crab bisque, grilled meats, seafood, salads, and vegetables with influences from Spanish, Italian, French, and other cuisines.

After the dinner, they went back to Travis’s house with Taylor’s security team and Kansas City Police Department SUVs. Travis was dressed in a blue Celine track suit, while Taylor wore a short skirt, brown jacket, and knee-high boots.  Earlier in the day, Travis had a photo shoot and attended to other business before reuniting with Taylor.

Throughout the day, the Karma hitmaker stayed at Travis’s house with her security team present. There were instances of the assistant fetching coffee and a friend picking up takeout from a Mexican restaurant.  Taylor’s appearances at Chiefs games and their public displays of affection have made the couple a center of attention among fans. They even posed for loved-up photos on Instagram after a recent game.


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