The Mahomes’ kitchen nightmare: Bronze throws yogurt everywhere as Brittany watches on

britt family


Brittany Mahomes certainly seemed to have her hands full on Thursday night. The famous WAG gave fans a hilarious sneak peek into what a standard mid-weeknight is like in the Mahomes household.  Brittany uploaded a hilarious – and adorable- story of her son Bronze from the kitchen. In the short clip, her one-year-old can be seen eating what looks like a bowl of yogurt. Suddenly, the youngster grabs a handful and throws it all over one of their dogs.

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Brittany then turns the camera around and films the culprit Bronze, whose face and body are completely covered in yogurt. It was as if a giant yogurt filled bomb had gone off in the middle of the kitchen.  Husband Patrick was nowhere to be seen but was tagged in Brittany’s story. The quarterback was likely out preparing for the Chiefs’ upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs will be looking to pick up their form after suffering three defeats in their past five games.


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