Chiefs HC Andy Reid Sends Rallying Cry After Packers Loss

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The Kansas City Chiefs have lost two out of their past three games as they enter a pivotal final stretch that begins with the Buffalo Bills, and head coach Andy Reid had a sort of rallying cry for his locker room heading into Week 14.  “We’re up and down right now. We’ve just got to get a little bit more consistent,” Reid told reporters on Monday, December 4. “In order to do that, everybody’s got to stick together.”

“And so, I’ve seen guys helping each other out,” the long-time HC went on. “I haven’t felt like anybody’s turned their back on each other, but it’s [never been] more important to be united together than now.”  The latest Chiefs loss to the Green Bay Packers dropped the reigning NFL champs out of the No. 1 seed — which means there is no guarantee of homefield advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. The Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens each currently hold a one-game lead on Kansas City at 9-3.

Andy Reid Says Chiefs Are ‘Very Close’ to Playing Winning Football Again

Earlier in the Monday Q&A, Reid noted that the Packers won because they made fewer mistakes than the Chiefs did.  Often times, that’s the old adage in football. Games are lost more than they are won in a sport as precise as this. And making mistakes and turnovers will cost you.  He also voiced that KC is “very close” to putting it all together.

“As you guys know, in this league it’s a week-to-week thing,” Reid explained, using the San Francisco 49ers’ three-game losing streak from Week 6 through 8 as an example of that. Now the Niners look unbeatable again after a blowout victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.  “I understand that’s how it’s perceived outside our building,” he added. “Inside the building here though, we understand that [it’s a week-to-week league]. We understand that we’ve got to get better… The margin between winning and losing in this thing is small.”


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