The heartbreaking reason why Patrick Mahomes wears so many bracelets in Chiefs games



At 28 he has already won two Super Bowl titles, two MVP awards and five Pro Bowl nods, underlining his reputation as the best player in the NFL today.  But with global fame comes extra scrutiny, and the quarterback’s performances are picked over on a weekly basis.  Along with his curly hair and extra-tall helmet, fans have spotted that the QB wears several multi-coloured wristbands on his prodigious throwing arm.

NFL fans have become used to seeing Mahomes delivering dimes, but now No.13 is using his cannon arm to send powerful messages of support for sick children.  During a recent video interview with GQ Magazine, the former Texas Tech QB revealed the bands are from children battling medical conditions, some of whom have since passed away.  “These bracelets were given to me by kids and there are a couple of them that aren’t here anymore but I want them to know they make an impact on my life every single day,” he said.

Every Mahomes wristband represents the story of children affected by illness
Mahomes explains the significance of each bracelet during a powerful segment

“It’s super important to me and I want them and their families to know that they’re out there with me when I’m playing every single day or when I’m with my family.  “It truly makes me appreciate every day that I’ve got on this earth.”  In a particularly poignant moment, Mahomes explained the significance of a new wristband he had taken to wearing. “This is my newest one called ‘Battle with Aidan’.” he said.

“He was somebody I met before this last season, somebody who motivates me every day to be great for him.  “He’s not with us any more but we were able to win the Super Bowl for him last season.

“I’m just so thankful for these kids and the impact they made in my life.”  When asked about the wristbands in a recent interview with local newspaper, the Kansas City Star, Mahomes said they served as a reminder that ‘there are bigger things in this world than football’.  He said: “When I wear these, not only am I showing support for these kids that work a thousand times harder than I do every single day, but I’m able to keep everything in perspective.

“I love this game, and I want to put everything I have into it, but there are bigger things in this world other than just the game of football.”  In 2019, Mahomes and his wife Brittany founded a charitable foundation dedicated to improving the lives of children.   ’15 and the Mahomies’ supports initiatives that focus on the health and well-being of communities in need of resources and other charitable causes.


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