Angel Reese opens up about her relationship with Kim Mulkey



Angel Reese is back in the LSU Tigers’ line-up and she has nothing but good words to say about her coach, Kim Mulkey, despite being dropped for what was said to be locker room issues.  The 21-year-old is regarded as the team’s cream of the crop but it’s clear that even with all of the talent in the world, you will not be given a free run to do whatever you like as far as the head coach is concerned.


After missing two games, Reese was finally reintroduced to the roster against Virginia Tech as the Tigers claimed an 82-64 win, with the talented shooting guard posting 19 points on the way before praising her coach and mentor.  “You need a Kim Mulkey in your life,” Reese said to media. “I’m going to say that today, tomorrow, next year, until the day I die.”

Reese attributes the absence to mental health

Her sudden drop from the line-up was not expecting and caught fans and media by surprise, with many wondering what exactly had happened to cause the issue.  It even led to a spat between Reese’s mother, also an ex-basketball player, and the mother of another player on the team, where it became apparent that there had been a falling out within the clubhouse.

Reese offered further details on why she had to sit out some games, stating that she never has bad intentions but she needed to work through some things to be better for the team.  “My mental health is the most important thing before anything,” Reese added. “And I’m going to make sure I’m OK before anything because I don’t want to cause anything, harm, or any cancer in the locker room.”  “I’m back and I’m happy and I’m here and I’m moving forward and I’m going to help take this team as far as I can.”


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