Sterling Mahomes debuts as a model and outshines parents Patrick and Brittany with her adorable antics



The Mahomes did a super cute photoshoot as a family on Thursday. The quartet were seen in photos published on social media by Brittany, in which they were modelling for Kim Kardashian’s clothing line, Skims. The family posed in Kim K’s company’s new red and black sleepwear range which is to be released just in time for Christmas.

It was Sterling, who was making her professional debut as a model, that stole the show though. She adorably ran around the set in adorably mischievous fashion and on various occasions disobeyed her parents’ orders. Despite their best efforts, they struggled to control Sterling who did as she pleased. Her cheeky behavior made for some endearing content and in the end, the shoot was a great success.

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Criticism from Swifties over photoshoot

Britanny, who has been spending plenty of time with Taylor Swift since her romance with Patrick’s teammate Travis Kelce began, was on the receiving end of criticism by swifties after collaborating with the singer’s foe Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian has had a difficult relationship with Taylor swift even since her unfortunate episode at the Grammy’s with Kanye West- Ye refused to give Taylor the award after claiming it should have gone to his friend Beyonce.


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