Taylor Swift makes mistake during first night of Eras Tour…Was she thinking about Travis Kelce?



Taylor Swift kicked off her Eras Tour in the Estadio Mâs Monumental in Buenos Aires in spectacular fashion. Thousands of Argentinian Swifties flocked to River Plate’s 75,000-seater stadium to catch a glimpse of the superstar singer in what turned out to be an epic night.

“This is one of the most epic crowds I have ever seen”, said Swift during the show. She even attempted to speak in Spanish- and did so rather well-, which only succeeded in heightening the already stratospheric levels of euphoria inside the stadium.


Was Taylor Swift thinking about Travis Kelce during gig?

It turns out that even the world’s biggest star right now is prone to a little error every now and then. As she was performing her 2020 hit ‘Champagne Problems’,she accidentally played the wrong chord during the first verse.

Her reaction was hilarious and only succeeded in exciting the crowd even more. “I had two months off, I practiced this so many times for tonight… and you guys thought you were coming to see a professional,” she said after her mistake. The thousands inside clearly weren’t bothered by it and went on to chant the singer’s name.

Given the emotional nature of the lyrics of this particular song, there have been some theories that Swift’s mind may have drifted temporarily as she thought about her new romance with the Kansas City Chief’s star, Travis Kelce.

Thousands took to the comments of the video displaying the moment to express their admiration for the singer. “Taylor swift music touches our hearts and inspires us every day, Taylor! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world,” said one user. “She’s the Queen,” wrote another.


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