Shannon Sharpe Delivers Harsh Truth to Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs, Setting the NFL World Ablaze

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It’s not a merry Christmas for Kansas City Chiefs fans! With the Chiefs enduring a below-average season, speculations are creeping up. Week 16 has concluded and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs just emerged from a heartbreaking loss against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas day, marking their sixth defeat this season.

The last game exposed the Chiefs’ dismal offense that has been prevalent throughout the season. First Take host Shannon Sharpe isn’t hiding his disappointment over the defeat. See what he predicts for the Chief if they continue to keep up with this issue.

Shannon Sharpe denounces the Chiefs’ depressive play

Every Chiefs fan’s Christmas would’ve been a whole lot better if the results of the last game turned out differently. According to a Twitter post by First Take, Shannon Sharpe states that the “Chiefs are more likely to go one and done than a Super Bowl run.” He slams the Chiefs’ offensive line and receiving corps saying they’re “not very good.”

Patrick Mahomes and his team didn’t fare well in their last game against the Raiders who won 20-14. And this is what the 56-year-old former NFL star said of the Chiefs, “The offensive line play has been porous all year, the receiver play has been porous all year. And it’s compounded by Patrick Mahomes not being Patrick Mahomes that we’re used to seeing. You get a recipe for one and done.”

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ plight against the Raiders

If there is one thing that the Chiefs’ last game against the Raiders revealed, it’s the Chiefs’ under-average execution of the offense and receiving play, as Shannon Sharpe pointed out. In the last game against the Raiders, the Chiefs went three-and-out on their first two drives. They got their first down only after a penalty until their fourth possession and also suffered turnovers.

Patrick Mahomes didn’t play up to Mahomes’ standards and finished the game with 235 yards and one touchdown. As the game wrapped up, the Chiefs star QB was caught on camera with teary eyes on the sidelines. This is the first time the Chiefs finished with 14 points this season. It’s also the fifth-least point with Patrick Mahomes as the starting QB. With this performance, there is panic from fans because, by the looks of it, the Chiefs are throwing away their chance of a Super Bowl run.


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