“Be an Example”: Jalen Hurts Reveals His Role in ‘Difficult’ Locker Room Conversations

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Jalen Hurts and his team started their three-game losing streak from the start of this month. They lost to the San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, and Seattle Seahawks. As a result, it was a given for the conversations in the Eagles’ locker room to be a little tense. The light on this matter was shed by Jalen Hurts who discussed the team’s resilience.

Furthermore, Hurts also harped on his team’s commitment after losing to the Seahawks. However, now that they have finally ended their three-game losing streak on Monday, QB Jalen Hurts seemed to be clarifying his earlier remarks. In addition to this, he also revealed the deep conversations he had with his team, highlighting his role in the front.

Jalen Hurts emphasizes his role as a ‘leader’

Jalen Hurts and his Philadelphia Eagles won against the New York Giants 33-25 in their Week 16 game on December 25. After the win, the star QB appeared in a post-game presser where he talked about the team’s beliefs and his commitment to actions. As a leader, Hurts believed that it’s crucial to set an example not just through words but actions, demonstrating commitment and fostering unity.

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He emphasized, “I think everybody has their own opinion, everybody master on perspective on the road and what that is for this football team.” Hurts continued, “But I have mine and being a leader, you have to not only be able to lead by example. But you have to be able to lead by action.”

However, he did not just stop there and further added that he is “just trying to be an example.” In fact, the 25-year-old stressed the need of “being an example for someone else to follow” and never asking others to do something he wouldn’t. For him, the focus is on building together, learning from mistakes, and improving team’s efficiency.

It is salient to note, though, that initial sentiments of the QB surrounded the team’s commitment with uncertainty. But, after the eleventh victory, Hurts words highlighted a “hungry” locker room atmosphere. After a “tough stretch”, the quarterback remarked how the team was more determined to perform. His words have surely raised the team’s morale as they handed over a defeat to the Giants.

The Eagles bounce back as a team!

The Eagles won 33-25 against the Giants, marking their season record 11-4. Jalen Hurts threw a great 32-yard pass to A.J. Brown in the fourth quarter, showing the team’s need for big plays. The Eagles had many impressive plays in the game, especially on offense.

With key contributions from players like Grant Calcaterra and De’Andre Swift, the team looked balanced. Calcaterra was targeted four times, wherein he pulled off his two, keeping the second offensive possession alive. On the other hand, Swift helped in leading the team by rushing for 92 yards and a score.

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The defense, led by Fletcher Cox and Shaquille Leonard, played well from the start. Cox tackled Saquan Barkley after he gained two yards on the first play. After that, Leonard rushed from the backside and stopped Barkley, causing him to lose 1 yard. Coach Matt Patricia used different defensive players, including rookies, to see how the team handles different situations.

Hasson Reddick stood out with strong defensive moves, like another crucial tackle on Barkley for a 4-yard TFL. Despite being affected by turnovers, including a pick six and fumbles, the Eagles offense showed good balance with seven players catching passes, improving their efficiency in the red zone.


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