Screaming “F***k”, Patrick Mahomes Made Brittany Say ‘He Lost His Mind’ and ‘Disobeyed’ His Best Coach for a Big Reason

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Is there anyone more competitive in the NFL than Patrick Mahomes? The star quarterback of the Chiefs had no shortage of power performance, even when he was deemed unworthy to appear in a match. In his recent docu-series, “Quarterback” some behind-the-scenes events were released to the public eye for an in-depth look. And to anyone’s surprise, it showcased the 2X MVP’s unbeatable confidence and sheer will against adversity.

Among the thousands of clips from the show, one stood out for several reasons. The clip showed the NFL star passionately arguing with HC Andy Reid, with his beloved wife, Brittany, getting worried sick over his stubbornness.

Patrick Mahomes let slip several F words in the argument

The event took place in last season’s divisional round when Mahomes’ team faced the Jaguars. Followed by a tackle and an awkward fall, he was advised to stay off the field by the head coach. The event made headlines, stirring curiosity about the NFL star’s argument with Reid on the sidelines. Now, thanks to the docu-series, the clip finally reveals the actual conversation between the two, and it certainly wasn’t family-friendly.

In the clip, the 2X MVP can be seen browsing a tab-like device while the HC approaches him. Reid then advises Mahomes to stay off the field, as the star QB was clearly injured and could barely walk. He also called the timeout and gathered the athletes to discuss the situation. However, Mahomes was resolute in his goal and he instantly got into a verbal disagreement with Reid. Followed by Reid’s advice, the 2X MVP frustratingly says, “No! F**k no, I’m good, hell no,” followed by, “I have one more drive at least, no way, no, I’ll do it at halftime,” trying to persuade the head coach and staff.

Unable to convince Reid, Mahomes becomes frustrated and angrily throws his jersey on the ground with all his might. He then walks off the field, displaying both frustration and sadness.

It didn’t take long for Mahomes to come back to the field

Moments after storming off the field, the star QB appears all geared up, limping and running to the sideline, passionately insisting, “I gotta go, I’m good, I’m good. Let’s go.” He urges the staff to let him back on the field, while his beloved wife, Brittany, anxiously watches from the private booth, wondering why they would allow him to return. Worried sick, she expresses her concerns, saying, “He can’t even walk. What are we doing?” followed by, “He thinks he’s about to play a d*mn game. Has he lost his mind?” She can also be heard saying that he needs to get out of the game.

Despite the injury setback, Mahomes refuses to let it ruin the game and led the team to the conference championship against the Bengals. As the season unfolds, it culminates with the 2X MVP winning his 2nd Super Bowl trophy in just 4 years. His unmatched competitiveness and sheer will are among the few reasons that make him unbeatable in the league.

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Now, the question remains: Can Mahomes secure yet another Super Bowl victory? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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