Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Demands Compensation for Home Invasion a Day After Polyamorous Endorsement

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Brittany Mahomes is quite the social media queen. From her life with Patrick Mahomes and their kids to house tours, she keeps fans in the loop. While Patrick is gearing up for the NFL preseason, Brittany has been making headlines for her alleged ‘endorsement’ of polyamorous and open relationships.

She has also been supporting the Chiefs’ QB from their new dream home in Missouri. Their lavish mansion spans an impressive 348,480 square feet, boasting a golf course and football field, creating an idyllic setting for quality time with their kids. However, their peaceful oasis was disrupted when unexpected guests made themselves at home on the Mahomies’ grounds.  Now, she finds herself in the limelight once again as she demands compensation from these uninvited intruders who set up residence on their golf course.

Who is invading ‘The Mahomies’ dream home?

The Chiefs’ star QB has put his $450 million contract to great use. He and his entrepreneur wife, Brittany, had purchased an 8-acre plot of land in September 2020 with a dream of building their perfect home. And it has finally come to fruition in Cass County.

This estate boasts a massive pool, a serene private pond, a par-three golf hole, and even half of a football field with Mahomes’ name proudly emblazoned in the end zone. Now, with Patrick at the camp, some guests had made themselves comfortable in his home in his absence.

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After Brittany shared a green snake making his home on Mahomes shoes, she is back at it again as some more invaders invade their golf field. And she is demanding her due compensation. In a recent IG story, she shared some beavers who have made their home in the Mahomies field, saying, “I mean, is Beaver about to give us a refund or something?” as she toured her home. The KC Current co-owner indeed has the chiefdom’s heart with her adorable demand for some kind of benefit from these cute creatures.

This update piggybacks on Brittany’s recent revelation on the NFL Notifications Twitter page. The post stirred excitement as it featured Mrs. Mahomes, who proudly displayed her tattoo, captioned, “#Chiefs Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany shows off foot tattoo donned by those in polyamorous and open relationships.”  It’s unclear whether her infinity heart tattoo is an homage to the polyamorous community or if it was a spur-of-the-moment tattoo decision, based purely on aesthetics. Only Mrs. Mahomes can answer that question.


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