Savage fight erupts between Eagles and Cowboys fans in stands: ‘Getting whooped on and off the field’



The Philadelphia Eagles were handed a heavy defeat by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, losing 33-13 at the Lincoln Financial field. It proved to be another defensive disaster for the Eagles- it was the fourth time in six games that the team’s defense has conceded 30 points.  The frustration of the game proved to be too much for some fans. In fact, a huge brawl broke out between two rival fans who were filmed throwing all sorts of violent punches and kicks at each other in the viral fight.

Although it is not known what the cause of the savage encounter was, one thing that is for sure is that it turned very ugly very quickly. The two men threw huge punches at each other, falling over- in what looked like a mix between boxing and UFC- on various occasions.  The two men also succeeding in destroying a stand displaying sports memorabilia, which included what appeared to be a signed Michael Jordan jersey and several iconic photos.

The video, which has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on X (formerly Twitter), has been filled with comments from shocked users.  “Bro this has to stop… it’s not worth it,” wrote one user. “That’ll be an expensive bill to wake up to from the drunk tank”, “getting whooped on and off the field” and “Eagles embarrassed on and off the field tonight” were some of the other comments.


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