Angel Reese Flexes LSU Teammate’s Crucial Double-Double in Front of 2.6M People



The LSU Tigers star, Aalyah Del Rosario has become the center of attention in the basketball community again. And this time, it is for a jaw-dropping feat that the 19-year-old basketball player managed to achieve. The LSU Tigers secured a huge victory over the McNeese State Cowgirls with a jaw-dropping 89-point lead in their eleventh match of the 2023-24 NCAA Women’s Basketball season.

While Del Rosario was one of the dominating forces on the court, her career-first double-double is what got everyone talking. Even Rosario’s teammate and Tigers’ star player Reese took to social media to show off her “big baby” to the world.  The NCAA sets a stage for young players to showcase their exceptional talent and transition into basketball royalty, and Del Rosario is doing just that, as she marked a huge achievement in her team’s latest match.


The LSU freshman, Del Rosario stole the spotlight in the Tigers match against the Cowgirls. Her exceptional skills and ability to score led the Tigers to secure a win, with a final score of 133-44. During this game, Del Rosario recorded 27 points and 10 rebounds which marked her career-high and her first ever career double-double as a college athlete.


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To congratulate Del Rosario on the same, even the beloved Bayou Barbie took to her Instagram Stories to talk about her friend and teammate’s amazing feat in front of her 2.6M followers. She captioned the story: “Proud of you big baby,” showcasing that the success is the sweetest when shared. What an adorable bond between the teammates!  Talking about Aalyah’s meteoric rise, it is safe to say that the young player is slowly rising up the ranks to cement her position in the basketball circuit.

Aalyah’s prominence is ever growing

As the LSU Tigers have been suffering from back-to-back setbacks, Aalyah Del Rosario has come as a savior for the team. With starting point guard Hailey Van Lith out of the picture owing to a nagging injury in her ankle and wrist, the team was already dealing with a lot. Adding Kateri Poole’s departure from the LSU Tigers was another aspect that would leave a lot of people with creased foreheads.

However, Del Rosario’s performance in the last match has been encouraging enough and given how much more play time she’s getting, it is a just proof that she’s definitely making the best out of the situation.  She is playing for at least 14 minutes per game on average, in which she is averaging 4.9 points, 3 rebounds, and 0.2 assists per game. While her performance has not been exceptional so far, her recent match suggests she’s a star in the making, waiting to break out of her shell. And as the NCAA season progresses, fans will be eagerly waiting to see more of Del Rosario on the court, to watch how the future of this young star shapes.


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