“Proud of You”: Patrick Mahomes’ Special Milestone Delights Superwife Brittany Ahead of Broncos War


Patrick Mahomes has added yet another feather to his glorious career! On Sunday, in week 5, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings 27-20. With this win, Patrick has become the youngest quarterback to beat all 31 NFL teams. Only nine other players have achieved this feat in the entire history of the NFL!   To mark this special occasion, Brittany Mahomes, star QB Patrick Mahomes’ wife and pillar of support, posted a story on her social media handle.

Brittany showed how much Patrick’s achievement means to her

Superwife Brittany has always stood by Patrick. She is the pillar of the Mahomes family, taking care of their kids and every other aspect of their lives, as Patrick is mostly busy with his NFL schedule. As soon as Patrick achieved this feat, she was the happiest and took to Instagram to express her feelings. She posted an Instagram story writing, “So very proud of you!!!” But this is not Patrick Mahomes’ only achievement on the field!

In his six full seasons, Patrick has set many records. However, this achievement is very special because it is very rare for a player to defeat all the teams in the NFL. Now, he is part of an elite club with players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and so on. He has become the 10th quarterback to achieve this feat.

While all other players achieved this feat in their 30s, Mahomes reached this incredible milestone at the unripe age of 28! He is one of the five quarterbacks to defeat every other NFL team, except the one they played for! With the Sunday night win against the Vikings, the Chiefs are 4-1 in the season, which also makes them potential candidates for the Super Bowl.

Patrick is gearing up for another war

Despite the defeat in the season’s first match against the Detroit Lions, the Chiefs have become unstoppable since then. They have consecutively won four games. In week 6, on Friday, the Chiefs will host the Denver Broncos on their home ground. While the Chiefs are 4-1 in the season, the Broncos are 1-4 in the season, which is enough to indicate the situation of both teams and who is likely to dominate the game.

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Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick is gearing up to defeat the Broncos and he would like to continue his record of never losing a game to them. An added advantage to the Chiefs is that Broncos have the worst defense in the league, while the former have one of NFL’s top offenses. Patrick and his team are surely eager to dominate the Broncos’ defense!

Broncos definitely look to be at a disadvantage here. The last time the Broncos defeated the Chiefs was in 2015. Will the Broncos show some upset in the Thursday game, or will Patrick and his team just dominate the seemingly weak defense of the Broncos? Let us know in the comments.


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