Brittany’s Secret Foot Tattoo Offers 360 Degree Care To Patrick Mahomes’ Leg Tattoo



The Kansas City Chiefs are ruling the charts once again. Securing four straight wins in their recent encounters, they are ensuring they secure another playoff berth in the second season straight. The Super Bowl champions are proving their worth. Patrick Mahomes is again in the spotlight as the reigning MVP ensures that the Chiefs pass every hurdle they face.

The Chiefs’ recent encounters with the Jets (23-20) and the Vikings (27-20) proved that Mahomes shines much brighter in pressure situations. As Mahomes is performing even better on the football field this season, he is also raising noise in his personal life. Let’s discover how.

Patrick and Brittany playing the game of tattoos?

Superwife Brittany Mahomes has been in the news for reasons we love. Fans never miss a chance to find out what she has been up to lately. Patrick Mahomes’s tattoos on his right leg have piqued our interest in determining why. What could it possibly mean?

The Kansas City Star has the answer we have all been waiting for. The publication has shared the meaning behind Mahomes’ tattoos. As they shared his photos with his jersey and shorts, we surely noticed that he had a leg tattoo, which is a work in progress.

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As we look closer at his leg, it seems to have a handprint and a footprint that resembles a child’s. This could mean that these prints are highly likely to be of his daughter. While Mahomes has surely made you think about the reason behind the new tattoos, superwife Brittany has got all the answers.

The secret is finally out!

Stop pondering about Mahomes for now, as the tattoo could mean he wanted to show his love and care for his family. Just a while ago, his high-school sweetheart Brittany made the news when she made her leg tattoo public. In the shared link, we can see the tattoo up close. The tattoo sparked controversy on the approach that both have in their relationship.

Brittany Mahomes’s tattoo reminds one of the signs donned by those who are in open relationships. The fans are left speculating on the bond shared by the married couple. It should be a point made as Brittany openly addressed women who flirted with her husband. Well, Mahomes has responded quite well in upstaging a tattoo that enhances his family values.

We can all admit that his legs have worked better since he got the tattoo. The Chiefs’ next outing is just around the corner, where they will be facing off with the Broncos in home conditions. Will the magic of Patrick Mahomes work again, or will Russell Wilson and Co. evolve into a better side? We will soon find out. The game will begin at 8:15 P.M today at Arrowhead Stadium.


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