“PETA vs Brittany Mahomes”: Netizens in Splits as Patrick Mahomes Wife Catches Fire After Making Memories With 400lbs Creature

brit& dolphin


Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback, is no stranger to the spotlight, but lately, it seems like he can’t stay away from it. After an incredible victory against the NBA athletes, Patrick Mahomes and his wife decided to take a vacation before the quarterback’s training camp began. However, what was supposed to be a romantic getaway turned into a tumultuous situation for his beloved wife, Brittany.

She has had a significant social media presence over the years, chronicling every precious moment shared with her husband and the children. Regrettably, trouble ensued when her recent pictures even managed to catch the eye of the animal rights group, PETA.

PETA goes after Patrick Mahomes’ wife

While Brittany’s adorable photos of her spending time with her kids received positive feedback from fans, her decision to pose with a marine mammal did not sit well with PETA and many others. In the picture she shared, Brittany can be seen smiling as she holds the dolphin in shallow water. The animal rights group voiced concerns about the potential danger posed to both the creature and Brittany herself.

One of the pictures posted on her page captured Brittany kissing the dolphin. The comment section became a platform for the animal rights group to express their concerns, beginning with the words, “We hope to see you extend your compassion to marine life.” In their lengthy comment, the group educated Brittany about the captivity of these mammals and their confinement for human entertainment.

They further highlighted the development of severe diseases and even the unfortunate demise of dolphins due to painful conditions and stomach ulcers. PETA wasn’t the sole critic of Brittany in this particular instance.

Netizens roast both Brittany and PETA

Brittany posted the series of pictures, with the caption that read, “Ever snuggled a 400lbs dolphin?” with heart-eyes emoji. Fans were very quick to remind her how they wouldn’t do such a thing as these creatures are very poorly treated. After PETA’s involvement, Brittany was very quick to delete her photos from her page, however, the news spread like wildfire. Following Dov Kleiman’s update on Twitter, podcast host, Justin Spiro wrote in the comments, “PETA vs. Brittany Mahomes,” with a person’s picture, whose t-shirt read, “I hate both teams.”

Spiro wasn’t the only one with a clever comment, as another user wrote, “We stand with the dolphin”  Another fan criticized Brittany for her constant negative headlines, and added, “As annoying as she was last year this is just outrageous.“  Some of the fans were quick to bring Patrick into the conversation and added, “Mahomes needs to divorce her” and “Cancel that whole family already.”

There were even a few who came to the comments to only make fun of PETA, and added, “ok peta , calm down,” and “Has anyone ever listened to PETA?”  Brittany hasn’t made an official statement about the issue, and only time will tell how the situation unfolds.


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