Months Before Facing Wrath of Patrick Mahomes Fans, Eagles Supporter Elon Musk Surprised His Fans With an Announcement That Stunned Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex-team

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The Super Bowl has an incredible power to unite people from all walks of life. And the legendary Elon Musk was no exception. The Chiefdom was outraged when the billionaire mogul revealed that he was rooting for their opponents, the Eagles. But in the end, the KC Wolf emerged victorious in a triumphant win at Super Bowl LVII. It left their fans to channel their fury toward Musk on Twitter.

Though, the polarizing centimillionaire set excitement like wildfire among fans of Cristiano Ronaldo’s former team when he hinted on Tuesday that he could potentially rescue the club from its current state. The world watched with bated breath as hope sparked anew.

Elon Musk seems to have missed the opportunity

It’s no secret that wealthy patrons and sports clubs have a close-knit relationship. So it’s unsurprising that a forward-thinking CEO might consider backing a team. As the world’s richest man, Elon isn’t one to shy away from posting provocative statements on Twitter for the sheer thrill of it. And Mr. Tweet was at it again, telling his massive following of over 103 million: “Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-team, the prestigious Manchester United, are 20 times England Champions and European Cup winners with millions of fans worldwide. Now if Musk were to acquire the club, some fans might be more inclined to buy his Teslas. Though Musk crushed the Man-U’s dreams as he clarified that his earlier tweet about buying the club was a joke.

But he did confess to a longstanding fondness for the Premier League title record holders, “They were my fav team as a kid.” The disappointment crept in as the Red Devils got excited about being rescued from its demise and their despised American owners, The Glazers.

The chairman of Manchester United, Joel Glazer, also owns the NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers is “reportedly seeking around $7.3 billion for a full takeover — but expressed interest in only a partial sale last week.” Following a 0-4 defeat to Brentford, former United player and football commentator Gary Neville expressed his frustration with the American family for letting their employees take all the blame, saying, “Joe Glazer has got to get in a plane to Manchester tomorrow…and he’s got to tell everybody what the hell his plan is with the football club.”

With so much on the line, Musk might buy the team out of misery; who knows? Though he could have saved himself from ‘the citizens’ than being on a gun point-like with the Chiefdom after his “Go Eagles!” tweet, remember?

Tweet hopped off the Bird-wagon

Excitement was already in the air as Super Bowl LVII kicked off. And it only got more intense when Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted his support: “Go Eagles!!!” But as the game progressed, Mr. Tweet seemed to have picked the wrong team. When the Kansas City Chiefs kicked the winning field goal, he quickly deleted his earlier tweet cheering for the Eagles in the first quarter.

Musk may have felt remorseful after Travis Kelce’s speech about the lack of faith in the Chiefs. Musk was present at the stadium when Kelce voiced his opinion about the undervalued team with the MVP. He even discussed how the team had managed to reach the Super Bowl in three out of four years. But the drama didn’t end there.

The intense rivalry between the two fan bases has called for feuds in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. With his tweet, he just added fuel to the fire which ensued by targeting and trolling. But today, looking back, it feels like he might be in the same wagon again with the United.


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