Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany forced to delete controversial family photos after backlash

brit& dolphin


The 27-year-old wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, also 27, shared a selection of snaps of her swimming with a dolphin in Hawaii on Monday.


britt wt dolphin

britt wt dolphin1

Captioned “Ever snuggled a 400lbs dolphin?” the pics on Instagram saw Brittany and their two-year-old daughter Sterling Skye pose for shots with the animal.  However, irate fans swiftly flooded the comments section, followed by animal rights organization PETA who criticized the putting.

“We know you love companion animals, but we hope to see you extend your compassion to marine life too,” the organization wrote, via FOX News.  “In the ocean, dolphins swim up to 60 miles each day, but when used for entertainment, they’re confined to small tanks or pools.  “Many dolphins develop painful conditions, such as stomach ulcers, and some die prematurely from the stress conditions of extreme captivity.

“Not to mention, many illnesses can be passed from dolphins to human visitors including viral, fungal and bacterial infections such as salmonella.  “These types of interactions are dangerous for them AND us.”  Brittany has since deleted the post.  But it seems that the public backlash to her post hasn’t gotten in the way of her and her family making the most of the holiday weekend.

On the Fourth of July, she shared a series of pictures of Sterling and her little brother, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, in red, white, and blue outfits along with a “Happy 4th Of July” sticker.  The young family then went for a stunning-looking hike, before Mom and Dad headed for a concert.  Then, to close out Independence Day, they enjoyed a patriotic drone show and enjoyed homemade smores.

pm hiking1



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