Even After Taking $9,000,000 Paycut, Patrick Mahomes Shares Glimpses From Luxurious Off Season Spending

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Kansas City Chiefs owe a lot to Patrick Mahomes. Ever since coming into the league in 2017, Mahomes has proved time and again that he is the key to stacking up Super Bowl championships for the Kansas franchise. Just in the last four years, Mahomes has led the Chiefs to two Super Bowl rings, but his impact carries on to the front office as well. With one of the biggest contracts in the NFL, Mahomes seems to enjoy treating himself with luxurious products.

Mahomes’ 10-year $470 Million contract has seen a few iterations with the most significant one coming in the form of a pay cut. Yet, the Super Bowl MVP has garnered enough wealth to last a lifetime and his recent outings tend to solidify that very point.

Mahomes and his luxurious lifestyle

Back in 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs and their QB1 agreed to a 10-year extension worth $470 million contract with injury guarantees of up to $141.48 million. At the time, the contract signed by Mahomes was the loftiest in NFL history and while those numbers have been surpassed, the next few years saw the unselfish side of Mahomes. In a bid to allow the team to keep building up the roster and retaining top-notch talent, Patrick Mahomes has succumbed to sacrificing his own money, with the most notable being a $9 Million pay cut.


Despite the pay cut, Patrick Mahomes seems to be living a lavish life. Recently, Patrick Mahomes took to Instagram to share some moments he spent at the Yellowstone Golf Club, one of the exclusive venues in the world. Just for context, the Yellowstone Golf Club does not allow admission to just about anyone, and one needs to purchase property just to be a part of the exclusive group.

With condos starting at $5 Million and custom-built mansions going up to a cost of $16 Million, Mahomes might be one of the few who can actually afford a table at the Yellowstone Golf Club. But that’s not it, once you’ve bought a property at the development, it will cost you $400,000 to become a Yellowstone Club member and the annual dues will cost you an additional $41,500. However, Mahomes has never been one to shy from hefty purchases and his wide array of collections is just an example of that.

The many purchases of Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes seems to be an avid collector by heart. During his last six years in the league, Mahomes has garnered a real estate empire worth $8 Million. Right after getting into the NFL, Mahomes purchased his first home in Kansas City. At the time, the property was listed at $475,000 but is valued at around half a million today. In addition to this, there is the main Mahomes estate in Kansas valued at $1.8 Million and spanning over 1.4 acres of land. Coupled with a $3.37 Million in Texas, Patrick Mahomes’ real estate game seems just as strong as his throwing skills.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. As soon as Mahomes secured himself the 10-year deal, he bought a plethora of luxury cars for himself and his wife. His private jet partnership is also well known and so is his luxury watch collection. In fact, Patrick Mahomes even rolled up to the Met Gala wearing a Cartier Santos. His Rolex collection is enough to make any collector drool, boasting over $852,000 of watches, but then again it’s just a small fraction of Mahomes’ paycheck.


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