Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany admits unreadiness for fame after Chiefs QB’s imminent success – “Was not prepared for this”

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When Patrick Mahomes made his NFL debut, he did not know how important of a figure he would become in a span of five years. More than him, his wife, Brittany Mahomes, never imagined he would gain incredible fame. She said that she was never prepared to deal with the rapid rise of her husband’s stature.  In a joint interview with “CBS Morning,” the former professional soccer player discussed how she was affected by the attention her husband has received.

The mother of two accepted that she never thought Patrick Mahomes’ career would bring a huge change to their family. The Mahomes became one of the most famous families in the sports world. It was a life-changing experience as they went from being teenagers in love to an NFL power couple.

“I was not prepared for this,” Mahomes said. “And at such a young age. We were in love, and I loved him with all of my heart. But, you know, I didn’t expect it to skyrocket this soon, and us kind of just being thrown into the fire like this.”


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Even though Patrick Mahomes and his family have received unbelievable notoriety, it was not always for the right reasons. While Brittany regularly gets complimented for her various positive actions on the internet, she equally gets slammed for her other problematic deeds.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife shared her biggest struggle

The co-owner of the K.C. Current has always stood by her husband and supported him through thick and thin. But sometimes situations can get difficult for her, especially when she has to deal with her children alone during the NFL season.

Although Brittany understands that being an NFL player requires resilience, she once shared her feelings about her biggest struggle with having an NFL husband.  “Hmm I think, how much they are gone during the season,” Brittany Mahomes said.


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Through her answer, fans got to know that not only does Patrick Mahomes need his wife, as she acts as his biggest cheerleader, but Brittany also loves having her husband around.


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