Patrick Mahomes reveals his food choices and how he keeps himself in shape



To be an elite athlete and perform at the highest level, you need commitment and sacrifice, being the diet one of the main factors that play a huge role in it. Your body needs nutrients and energy to function properly and with the demands of a professional athlete, it becomes crucial.

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, prides himself on having a healthy diet that allows him to perform at the highest level and being one of, if not, the best QB in the NFL right now, with his food choices being revealed in plenty of occasions.
Mahomes’ food choices

Mahomes has said in several interviews that he has a personal chef who prepares his meals daily, also saying that his wife Brittany helps him with fitness and nutrition tips based on her knowledge.

He states that he consumes fruits almost whenever he feels like it, being oranges, strawberries, and apples his to-go choices. He also takes his main meals with significant time between them. He does not eat sugar, fast foods, and nuts, being allergic to the latter.

Mahomes’ 2023 season

During this 2023 NFL season, Pat Mahomes has played 9 games with 17 touchdowns and 8 interceptions with a 68.6% completion rate, and a 96.7 quarterback rating.  The Chiefs are set to face the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football, being a rematch of Super Bowl LVII, which Kansas City won.


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