Steph Curry Gets Brutally Honest About Warriors’ Losing Streak

Steph Curry alone


The Golden State Warriors have lost six-straight games, including multiple they had a great chance to win. Speaking with reporters after Golden State’s overtime loss to the OKC Thunder on Saturday night, superstar point guard Steph Curry got brutally honest about the team’s need to turn this around.

“A losing streak like this, there’s urgency for sure,” Curry said. “Any time you [lose] this many in a row, it’s a problem that you gotta fix. You don’t want to develop a losing mentality at all, at any stretch in the season. That’s a stink in the locker room you don’t really want to have in there.”

While it could be easy to say it’s early in the season, Curry was brutally honest in his assessment that a six-game losing streak undoubtedly generates a sense of urgency, no matter what point in the season it happens at. This is absolutely the right mentality, especially after last season when the Warriors never really found their way.

Looking to avoid a repeat of last season, Golden State knows they will need to be much better than they have been to start the year – and significantly better than they have been during this losing streak. Recognizing this, Curry was honest in admitting the problems seen throughout this losing streak need to be fixed. The Warriors are hopeful they can fix them soon.


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