Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Feels “Left Out” As the Chiefs Head To Germany For Dolphins Matchup: “Can Someone Pick Me Up For the Game?”

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The Kansas City Chiefs are set to make their transatlantic journey to lock horns against the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt. On the eve of this highly anticipated matchup, Patrick Mahomes’ mom is left feeling ‘left out’. It appears that Randi won’t be attending the game.  In Randi Mahomes‘ recent post on X, she expressed her desire to attend the Chiefs’ game in Frankfurt. Her emotions dwelled on the fact that most of the fans were traveling to Germany to watch the game while she remained in Texas.

As Patrick Mahomes Leaves for Frankfurt, His Mother Feels Left Out

Randi Mahomes is an ardent supporter of her son and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. After their double-digit loss to the Denver Broncos, the team will travel to Frankfurt, Germany for their week 8 matchup. However, as mother Mahomes is left behind, she expresses her remorse for being in Texas and desires to attend the game.  “Can someone pick me up for the game? I’m sad to see everyone going and not me. I’m feeling left out and i cheer loud,” wrote Randi Mahomes.

This led a media personnel from CBS Sport, Darren Smith to extend a kind offer to Patrick Mahomes’ mother. He replied to Randi’s tweet, writing,  “You can ride on the media bus with me Ms. Mahomes.”

However, the two couldn’t work it out, as Darren was already in Frankfurt, while Randi Mahomes remained in Texas. Subsequently, he apologized for the offer as he realized the inconsistency of the plan.   “oh, that’s different. I’m in Frankfurt. Respectfully, my apologies,” wrote Smith in his next comment.

It’s certainly unfortunate that Mahomes’ mother wouldn’t be able to attend the game. Nevertheless, the Chiefs’ TE Travis Kelce’s mother recently stole the show while on her way to Frankfurt.
Travis Kelce’s Supporter Mom Gets Cheered on Her Way to Frankfurt

As the Chiefs headed to Frankfurt, the star Te’s supporter mom made her presence felt en route once again. Her iconic effort to support her son stood out as she donned a Chiefs jersey-inspired denim jacket with ‘87’ (Travis’ jersey number) on the back. This did not go unnoticed as the fellow passengers cheered for Mama Kelce on the plane.

An X user by the name of Jenna shared Donna Kelce’s picture from the plane, mentioning her warm welcome by the Chiefs Nation onboard. Captioning the shot, she wrote,   “Mama Kelce is on my friends flight to Germany!! She said everyone cheered . We also equally agreed, this has gotta be good luck!! [heart emojis] #ChiefsKingdom #Swifties”

The Chiefs TE Travis Kelce has remained in the highlights for multiple reasons this season, including getting entangled with Taylor Swift. His mother, Donna Kelce, has also stepped up her presence at the game this season. She has become the talk of the town, after getting spotted with the 12-time Grammy winner in the VIP box, often cheering for her son.

The NFL community boasts some of the most epic fans, who make sure to go the extra mile in support of their favorite team. However, there is no support like family who stand by their children through thick and thin. Surely, Randi will cheer for the Chiefs right from the living room.

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