Patrick Mahomes’ mom chimes in with her own critique of officiating in Chiefs loss

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The Mahomes family was as upset at the officiating as the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was after the team lost 20-17 to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night.  Patrick Mahomes erupted on the sidelines after the team turned the ball over on downs following an offensive offsides call that took a touchdown off the board, and Brittany Mahomes labeled the referees the real “MVP” on her Instagram Stories.  Randi Mahomes, Patrick’s mom, took issue with another aspect of the officiating. She commented on a play in the game that saw a Bills defender take the quarterback’s helmet off.

“No comment,” Randi Mahomes wrote Monday on X.

The star quarterback was irate on the sidelines after the Kadarius Toney penalty preceded consecutive incompletions. The touchdown would have given the Chiefs the lead.  Patrick Mahomes was frustrated as he left the field and as he talked to reporters after the game.  “It’s tough to swallow. Not only from me and football in general, to take away greatness like that, for a guy like Travis [Kelce] to make a play like that, you want to see the guys on the field decide the game. They’re human. They make mistakes. But every week, we’re talking about something,” he said.


“It’s the call. Just in that moment. Not for myself. To have a flag change the outcome of the game. I’ve never had offensive offsides called. If it does, they warn you. There wasn’t a warning the entire game. And then you make a call like that in the final minute? Another game, we’re talking about the refs. It’s not what we want for the NFL. It’s not what we want for football.”  As debate swirled Monday over whether Toney checked in with an official about his footing, Andy Reid admitted that the receiver did not.


“Normally, he looks over to the sideline and just gets an OK, and on that one, he just happened not to, so that would be the coaching point,” Reid said. “Make sure you check with the guy on the side just to see if you’re aligned. He’s not lining up offsides on purpose.”


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