The NFL is reviewing Patrick Mahomes’ harsh statements against referees – Will the Chiefs quarterback be fined?


It is notorious that Patrick Mahomes is not very used to defeats, especially when consecutive. On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback let out his frustration over the losing streak with explosive statements against the refereeing of their game against the Buffalo Bills, and this outburst could cost him dearly.  It was a very close duel at Arrowhead Stadium, which was decided in the last two minutes when the referees annulled a Chiefs touchdown due to an offside by receiver Kadarius Toney.


The score would have turned the score around 24-20 in favor of Kansas City, still with an extra point pending. However, with the referees’ call, the score was 20-17 in favor of the Bills.   Immediately afterward, Mahomes threw three consecutive incomplete passes to declare the victory for the visitors and the second consecutive loss for the Chiefs after last week’s 19-27 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

The Chiefs signal-caller became angry when he considered that the decision was a mistake and did not hesitate to vent his frustration on the field.   Mahomes could be fined. Mahomes was unable to contain his frustration and immediately made loud complaints to the referees. Not only that, when he reached out to shake hands with Bills quarterback Josh Allen, he couldn’t avoid harsh criticism of the decision either.

“Wildest f*cking call I’ve ever seen. Offensive offside in that moment, man. F*cking terrible!”Mahomes threw as he hugged Allen after the game. The moment was caught on camera and could cost the Kansas City star dearly.  Although the NFL has not officially commented on the matter, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport assured that the league is reviewing Mahomes’ words on the field, as well as his statements in the conference after the game.

“There is a long-standing policy against questioning the integrity of the refs. These will be reviewed, sources say,” Rapoport recalled in his X account.  Just in early November, the NFL fined Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson $25,000 for his blunt comments against referees following a 10-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. “They were calling some stupid stuff,” the player launched at that time.

Andy Reid is not safe either

In the end, even Mahomes had to admit that Toney was indeed out of line. However, he did not cease his criticism of the officials, and during the post-game press conference he said, “But for him (the referee) to take the game into his hands over a call like that doesn’t affect the play at all.” – at all. (It) didn’t affect anything.”

Head coach Andy Reid said, for his part, that he never uses officiating as an excuse for losses, but also considered that “(It’s) a bit embarrassing in the National Football League for that to take place.”  Reid recalled that referees usually warn them when a player is in a bad position, especially since they tightened the rule this season. However, party officials do not agree with him.  In the pool report at the end of the game, chief game official Carl Cheffers said, “If they looked for alignment advice, certainly we are going to give it to them. But ultimately, they are responsible for wherever they line up.”


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