Patrick Mahomes knows wife Brittany to perfection, even her dying wish, and vice versa

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany took a “couples quiz” on a GQ Sports video published Wednesday in which he correctly guesses the one activity she wants to do before dying. Patrick, 27, was so confident in his answer that he told Brittany she didn’t even know the right activity. The two-time Super Bowl champion then blurted out “skydiving” and they both celebrated the fact he answered correctly.

He went on to admit to being afraid of skydiving. Patrick said his contract doesn’t even stop him from doing so, he’s just too scared.  Brittany, 27, also knows her husband even better than he knows kimself. When asked what his dream vacation would be, she said somewhere with 24/7 access to a golf course.  Patrick joked that he wasn’t going to say that, but that it was much better than his answer. He’s currently gearing up to compete in a celebrity golf tournament over the weekend.

Does Patrick Mahomes ever lose?

Brittany was then asked to name an activity in which Patrick always loses. She quickly said he doesn’t ever lose in anything and the QB was more than happy with that answer.  They fist-bumped and smiled, showing a glimpse into what their relationship is like, and it’s quite cute.  Patrick is currently preparing to start the upcoming NFL season in September, but is first enjoying another golf tournament.

The reigning league MVP is coming off a victory at Capital One’s The Match and will once again test Brittany’s theory that he never loses when competing in the 2023 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship.


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