“Gotta Watch My Weight”: Fear of Andy Reid’s Practice Sessions Has Seeped in Deep Into Patrick Mahomes



With the 2023 NFL season ringing the bell, Patrick Mahomes highlighted the off-field challenges he and the entire camp face. The reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs will enter the field to defend their title against 31 formidable teams. However, the camp is equipped enough to witness a consecutive victory. In one of the recent events, Mahomes highlighted the rugged training sessions of coach Andy Reid, and how the off-season phase might lead to the deconditioning of the body.

To give the NFL fans a glimpse of the off-camera lives of 3 popular quarterbacks one of them is Mahomes, a Netflix show “Quarterback” released on July 12th, 2023. Mahomes appeared at the launch event of the show where he shares the approach of the entire camp, while playfully hinting at Reid’s relentless side.

Patrick Mahomes on the training sessions

After attending several concerts, and spending quality time with the family, Mahomes shared he’ll resume his training camp after a week. Moreover, he shared how he needs to be conscious of his weight. Following this how he’ll pass through the running stints daily during the camp.

Chiefs’ official Twitter account shared a video of the launch event, where Mahomes was asked about the training camp. Following this, he shared, “I go back on like Tuesday dude so I gotta watch my weight right now Coach Reid’s will have me running like the first day so I’m excited for it I mean I tell everybody to the super bowl ceremony and we got the rings I was like man we’re on to the next now we’re trying to do whatever we can to get back in this game.”

Needless to say, NFL teams are gearing up for an explosive season. And the training camps are proof of that. However, the release of the Quarterback on Netflix will allow NFL enthusiasts to dive into the personal facet of 3 popular quarterbacks.

Quarterback on Netflix

Mahomes shared his thoughts on the release of Quarterback saying, “I”m excited for everybody to see this, especially Chiefs Kingdom as see the journey I mean everybody saw the super bowl was excited for it but they’re going to see the step-by-step journey of how we got there not only myself but the whole team and so I’m excited for everybody to see that.” The anticipation around Quarterback is surging as it highlights the family and several off-field stints of the quarterback.

pm smiiles

The show features, Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, the Minnesota Vikings’ Kirk Cousins, and the Atlanta Falcons’ Marcus Mariota. It will cover the lives of these quarterbacks in 8 episodes of docuseries. As the 2023 season is about to kick off, the launch of Quarterback on Netflix is just going to surge the anticipation for the upcoming season.


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