Patrick Mahomes highlights incredible role wife Brittany plays in his success

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes credits wife Brittany with helping him to strike a healthy work-life balance.  Mahomes, 27, met his wife-to-be while at Whitehouse High School, and their relationship continued throughout two years at Texas Tech. They stayed together during the transition into the NFL, and Mahomes finally proposed to Brittany in a suite at the Chiefs ‘ Arrowhead Stadium on the day the quarterback received his first Super Bowl championship ring.

Together, they have two children and the family lives at a massive mansion near Kansas City. Their first, Sterling Skye, was born in February 2021.  Last year, the couple married in Maui, Hawaii. Then eight months later, Patrick Lavone III, who they have nicknamed ‘Bronze’, was born.

Speaking about Brittany in an interview with People magazine, Mahomes spoke about how his wife helps him handle day-to-day life. “I have a great wife. I think that helps out a ton,” the quarterback said at the premiere of his new Netflix documentary series Quarterback . “She helps me out a ton by taking stuff off my plate.”  “I have great people around me, and I can be Patrick Mahomes. I can be myself, the same person I’ve grown up being — and luckily, that’s won a couple of Super Bowls.”

However, Brittany remains modest in the face of gushing praise from the person she describes as “the best father ever.” “He has a soft spot, but I think he’s done such an amazing job at balancing his work life and his at-home life, and I think he’s really switched around his priorities and figured it out,” she said.

Mahomes also took time to talk about his two children at the premiere. The quarterback sends them the message “that when dad’s not home, he’s out there working hard to achieve his dream.”  “I don’t know what my kids’ dreams are going to be, but I want them to work hard at it and try to achieve those,” Mahomes said. “Now, they’re too young now to understand, but when they see this as they get older, I want them to know that they can go out there and chase their dreams and still have a great family at home.”

Mahomes also spoke in particular about their eldest child Sterling. She is taking the first steps in following in the footsteps of her mother, who is a former professional footballer for Icelandic club UMF Afturelding


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