Patrick Mahomes Ensures Free Travel via Private Jets For Years to Come, by Extending Brand Deal With Airshare

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Along with being an incredible quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who currently has a mammoth $503 million deal with the Chiefs, is one of the most financially intelligent footballers in the competition. While several endorsement deals had already started flowing in when he made his NFL debut, Mahomes decided to say a firm ‘No’ to a bunch of them after carefully examining all the related factors. However, one deal which he had accepted back in 2018 that helped him save thousands of dollars, is now set to save him thousands, maybe millions more.

Yes, we are talking about Patrick’s association with Airshare. The deal between the two parties allows the Kansas City QB and his family to travel anywhere in style in a private jet without spending a single penny. Recently, Patrick and Airshare officially announced the multi-year extension of their long running partnership which directly means that Mahomes & family are now set to enjoy free private jet travel privileges for years to come.

Patrick Mahomes and Airshare have extended their partnership

The fact that Mahomes’ popularity graph has only surged north since his Airshare deal, has helped popularize the brand to a massive extent, especially in the U.S market. Hence, it made complete sense for the organization to extend this partnership. After thanking the brand for believing in him, Patrick said, as per a press release issued by Airshare:

“We have both experienced a lot of success over the last five years. As my travel needs have evolved, Airshare has always been there for me and my family. Now more than ever, I appreciate how flying private allows me to get the most out of my limited time during the offseason. I’m excited to continue our partnership.”

In just his 6 seasons in the NFL, Mahomes has taken his unit to three Super Bowl games, winning two out of them. And if we talk about Airshare, the company is now one of the fastest growing entities in the private aviation market in the States. With Patrick looking all set to achieve insurmountable success in the coming years, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Airshare would not hesitate from extending their partnership with the NFL MVP even further in the coming years.

Patrick Mahomes has already invested in several lucrative businesses

After saving heaps of cash through deals like the one he has with Airshare, Mahomes has invested in several major ventures to ensure steady cash flow. With his wife Brittany, Patrick is a founding investor in the NWSL team Kansas City Current. Along with that, the NFL superstar is a minority owner of MLB’s Kansas City Royals as well.

Moreover, the 2x Super Bowl champion has poured a lot of money in MLS’ Sporting Kansas City and in the upcoming Major League Pickle-ball. Patrick has also invested in companies like Whoop, Buzzer, Hyperice, American State Bank and numerous others. All this is set to inflate the QB’s net worth in the long run.


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