Patrick Mahomes delights mom Randi with a present only he can provide



Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the greatest to ever play in the NFL. To his mother Randi, however, he is still just her baby boy.  Randi Mahomes took to Instagram on Saturday to express the joy she feels when her son and grandchildren are around.


She shared a video of Mahomes, his daughter Sterling Skye and newborn son Bronze visiting her home  “My family, my heart, my happiness,” Randi captioned the post.  The video was complete with a voiceover of Will Smith’s iconic finishing speech in “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

Who is Patrick Mahomes’ mom?

A lot has been said about Mahomes’ family, including his wife, brother and father, but Randi often remains in the background.  She has recently moved to the forefront due to her mother’s health issues and charity work in the Kansas City community.  Randi divorced Patrick’s father in 2006, but they have maintained a healthy co-parenting relationship.  Mahomes is using the offseason to give his presence as a present to his mother, but those who were absent from the post also made headlines.


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Where are Patrick Mahomes’ wife and brother?

Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes were nowhere to be seen on Randi’s post, leading many to believe that they’re hiding away.  Matthews, an avid social media user, hasn’t published anything in over a day after returning from a 10-day hiatus.

Jackson, meanwhile, hasn’t appeared online since a video of him forcibly kissing a woman surfaced.  Both Brittany and Jackson have previously been thought of as distractions for Mahomes, who is coming off his second Super Bowl Victory


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