Part of Drake’s Hit Song, Patrick Mahomes Enjoys Off-Season by Attending the Rapper & J Cole’s Concert in Kansas City

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Patrick Mahomes recently gained attention for attending a concert featuring J. Cole and Drake. Previously, Mahomes sparked buzz online by being a part of Drake’s hit song. The track includes a line that mentions Mahomes. The quarterback responded positively to the reference, highlighting the song’s popularity on social media two years ago.

On the other hand, Drake, a multifaceted figure, grabbed the headlines for his over $1 million wager on the Chiefs in the run-up to Super Bowl LVIII. What other surprises does the offseason hold for this dynamic QB?

Patrick Mahomes takes a musical break and attends the Drake & J Cole concert

Patrick Mahomes, the star Chiefs quarterback, took a break from football during the NFL offseason. He indulged in his love for music by attending a concert by Drake and J Cole, two renowned rappers. Mahomes’ presence at the event showcased his appreciation of music and connection to vibrant music culture. Also, the release of Drake’s album, Scary Hours 2, features the song Lemon Pepper Freestyle, which includes the line, “Patty Mahomes ’bout to fall short a couple hundred,” indicating Mahomes’ connection with the musician.

On March 3, 2024, he posted on X with three fire emoji appreciating the musicians, “@Drake and @JColeNC concert was crazyyy!!” Social media erupted with excitement and praise from fans of Patrick Mahomes after he shared his attendance at the Drake and J Cole concert in Kansas City.

One of his fans commented, “I missed it 🙁 was it actually that good?”. Another mentioned Taylor Swift’s tour: “You have to Go to an eras tour concert. Its going to be mind blowing.” Yet another fan said: “They put on a damn good show.” Many fans also expressed envy at his privilege to experience such a star-studded event. In contrast, others admired his approachable demeanor and enthusiasm for music. However, the conversation on social media was also one of Drake’s recent ventures.

Drake’s million-dollar bet: a winning gamble and a generous gesture

Drake, who had a rich flex after the Chiefs’ SB victory, basked in the limelight for a certain gesture. Drake made a bet of $1.15 million on the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVIII. Despite trailing 10-0 initially, the Chiefs staged a remarkable comeback. Led by Patrick Mahomes, they emerged victorious in overtime, securing their third Super Bowl victory in five years. Drake’s prediction and belief in the Chiefs’ abilities earned him an impressive $2.3 million payout.

Drake’s belief in the team was evident. He explained his bet on Instagram, saying, “I can’t bet against the Swifties.” Despite his seemingly playful tone, Drake’s bet was significant and showed his confidence in the Chiefs. Drake’s Instagram story included a snapshot of his bet with a statement that if he won, one of his fans would get a fantastic surprise.


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