IN PHOTOS: Patrick Mahomes, wife Brittany attend Taylor Swift’s concert at Arrowhead Stadium

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Brittany and Patrick Mahomes proved once and for all, that despite NFL rivalries, a Taylor Swift concert brings everyone together. While the Chiefs quarterback and the Aaron Rodgers, for example, will battle for supremacy in the AFC; the entertainer erases all such divisions.  After the Jets quarterback made his presence known a few days ago at her concert, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have popped up at a Taylor Swift concert of their own. And when we say that, we mean quite literally, given that the latest leg of her tour was being held at Arrowhead stadium.

Famed for the being the noisiest stadium in the world, this is the stomping ground of the imperious Kansas City Chiefs, the Super Bowl champions. But for one day, at least, it was taken over by the singer and she was the top billing at the arena. The Chiefs quarterback and his wife did not seem to mind as they were there to capture the performance.  Brittany Mahomes posted regular updates on her social media stories, capturing them being at the performance and in one photo turned the camera back on them, showing the two loverbirds enjoying her performance.

taylor swift concert

brit & husINS

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes not the only ones excited for Taylor Swift

As mentioned before, Taylor Swift has cast quite the spell on NFL players. Aaron Rodgers has been to one of her concerts when she was performing in New York. And this is not the first stadium that she has planned in the center of the country.  Among her other fans, though they have been coy about it, has been Joe Burrow. The quarterback Patrick Mahomes vanquished enroute to last year’s Super Bowl was excited about the singer performing in Cincinnati.

That makes three of the top quarterbacks in the AFC who are under Taylor Swift’s spell. As her tour progresses, it would not be hard to find other superstar fans from the league who are present at her performances. The demand for tickets and her sold-out stadiums are testament to her popularity. It has erased all traditional sporting divides as seen by Buffalo Bills fans wearing their jersey in Kansas City to attend the event.

NFL stadiums are a popular venue right now in the offseason given their capacity to hold events, given how many hardcore fans she has in every corner of the country and abroad. Once the season starts, things will go back to normal with football dominating these arenas. But, for once, Brittany Mahomes was there in Arrowhead to cheer for the singing sensation instead of her husband.


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