Snubbing Super Bowl Sensation, Patrick Mahomes Becomes Direct Rival to Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Rodgers Woman Crush Amidst Missing Jackson Mahomes

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It has been an eventful few weeks for the Mahomes! After wrapping up the OTA sessions, Patrick Mahomes wasted no time in making the most of his free time. Whether dominating the softball field alongside Hollywood A-listers or outshining NBA athletes in a highly anticipated golf tourney, he left no doubt about his competitive spirit. However, his recent tournament garnered attention for a different reason as his younger brother Jackson made a comeback to the spotlight after being away for months due to an alleged sexual battery case.

Jackson was first spotted spending time with his mother and half-sister, and he was seen enthusiastically cheering for his brother from courtside in the Sin City only a week back. However, he was notably absent from a highly anticipated event at the Chiefs’ home ground, which would surely catch the attention of even the Rodgers brothers.

Patrick Mahomes has a one-up against the Jets

Earlier this year, Aaron Rodgers made a move to the Jets, transforming them into one of the Chiefs’ biggest rivals within the conference. He appeared content and thrilled with the transfer, and his happiness was only amplified when his favorite singer, Taylor Swift, performed at his home stadium. Rodgers was seen dancing, singing along, and even sparked rumors of a reunion with his brother due to their shared admiration for the pop star. However, a month later, it was Mahomes’ home ground that welcomed TayTay, and the Chiefs’ QB celebrated like no other.


It’s no secret that the two-time MVP has been enjoying an extended vacation with his family following the golf tournament. Just a day ago, he was spotted in the Montana mountains with Brittany, having a fantastic time. Nevertheless, he made a special trip back home to witness the pop singer’s performance at Arrowhead Stadium.

Mahomes shared a video on his Instagram story, capturing the immense crowd at the stadium while he peacefully enjoyed the show with his wife and a select few friends. Unlike Rodgers, who had his every move recorded by fans and spread across social media, Mahomes handled it like a boss.

A month back, the 2x MVP turned his home stadium into a beer concert

Mahomes never shies away from enjoying himself, and his energetic return to the home ground is a perfect testament to that. However, there was another memorable moment a month ago when the star quarterback was spotted having a blast at a music concert at the same stadium.  During the performance of country singer Luke Combs, Mahomes was invited on stage and proceeded to shotgun a beer in front of a cheering crowd of thousands.

The clip quickly went viral, sparking conversations everywhere. Mahomes’ ability to have a good time provides a much-needed respite from the demands and exertion of the game. The upcoming season holds great promise for the Chiefs, and it will only improve with Mahomes’ unwavering dedication to the sport. Training camps will commence shortly, and there’s no doubt that the champ will be back on the grind.


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