“He Was Not a Polished QB”: Travis Kelce Details His First Impression of Superstar QB Patrick Mahomes

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There’s a belief that the Kansas City Chiefs have it easy in the NFL. This belief stems from the fact that the Chiefs’ roster contains a dynamic duo in the form of Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes. Kelce, the Chiefs’ star tight end, has formed an incredible partnership with his QB. However, Kelce recently opened up about his initial impressions of the two-time NFL MVP on ‘Bussin’ With The Boys‘ podcast.

According to Kelce, Mahomes’ talent was evident right from the start. The young quarterback effortlessly made jaw-dropping plays that left everyone in awe. Despite recognizing Mahomes’ natural brilliance, Kelce also acknowledged that the quarterback was not a fully polished player in his early days. Like any young athlete, Mahomes too had some areas to refine and develop.

Travis Kelce Shares Unfiltered First Impression of Patrick Mahomes

The charismatic tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce shared his first impression of superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes during a recent appearance on Bussin’ With the Boys. While the likes of Tyreek Hill initially had doubts about rookie Mahomes, Kelce claimed that all such doubts were quickly shattered once they saw Mahomes in action.

Travis acknowledged that Patrick Mahomes wasn’t a finished product when he first stepped on the big stage. Travis said, “He was not a polished QB, but when the ball snapped, I mean he’s Patrick Mahomes, he’s just natural from the get-go”. Kelce continues, “I remember watching him on Scout team I was just like this is what this guy is capable of doing.”

Beyond his exceptional talent, Mahomes’ love for the game and his competitive spirit stood out to Kelce. He said, “The first like impression you get from them is just a relatable dude. He just loves ball, he just likes to be around the guys and shoot the sh*t, be in the locker room kicking it um, and then competitive wise. He’s just always playing something doing something competing at something”

Kelce Reveals Spicy Details Between Mahomes and Maxx Crosby Covered in Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’

Chiefs TE Kelce had high praise for the Netflix series ‘Quarterback’. He highlighted some spicy stuff featuring the heated rivalry between Patrick Mahomes and Maxx Crosby which has been covered in the show. The Chiefs tight end shared insights about the intense on-field competition between the two-star players. Travis mentioned that Mahomes and Crosby do not hold back when it comes to head-butting and even exchanging punches at the bottom of piles.

Mahomes said, “[Crosby] was trying to do whatever he could to get in my head… You woke up the wrong motherf**ker.”He further added, “I was already frustrated that we weren’t playing at a good enough level… I just kind of snapped.”

As Netflix’s “Quarterback” continue to make waves, Kelce’s comments will only attract more viewers. This behind-the-scenes look into the lives of star athletes is an exhilarating watch, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary world of NFL rivalries and alliances.


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